Governors will not fly flags on vehicles – AG


Attorney General Prof. Githu Muigai has prohibited Governors from flying the national flag on their vehicles.

According to a statement from the Attorney General (AG) Githu Muigai issued on Saturday, only the President, the Vice President, Chief Justice, Speaker of the National Assembly, Ministers and the AG can fly the national flag on their vehicles.

However, this privilege has been extended to the Prime Minister and his two deputies, until an incoming President appoints a new cabinet.

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The trio is considered to be a part of an expanded Cabinet created by the former Constitution, Prof Muigai said in the statement.

Members of the bicameral Parliament – 67 Senators and 349 MPs – usually do not fly the flag in their cars.

“Consequently, any person who breaches this provision (of the National Flag, Emblems and Names) risks imminent prosecution in court and conviction carrying a fine of up to Sh2000 or two months imprisonment or both.”

Many Governors sworn into office this week have been flying the National Flag on their vehicles.

Provisions of the Assumption of the Office of the Governor are silent on the matter.

Prof Muigai did not answer calls for a further clarification in the matter.

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