Kenyans are praying for peace.


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My fellow Kenyans,


Numerous positive events have taken place in our Country since the sad events of 2007/2008. From a referendum and the new constitution in 2010 to a peaceful free and fair elections on 4th march 2013, and now the petition going on in our supreme court. We thank all wananchi for their sobriety during the electioneering period and for maintaining Peace during these times of great anxiety.

Kenyans have a duty and a responsibility to uphold peace, now and after the ruling. It has been said elsewhere that those Corded and those Jubilated should remember that neither is an enemy of the other, this is so very true. That our common enemy is the west, propagating selfish interest as opposed to our own; may be. Let me add that I live in USA and have friends in the very highest echelons of the USA administration , I can say with certainty that the USA stand is officially as stated by President Obama.

Let me remind fellow Kenyans that it is possible that not all of our International partners have been as forthright as we would expect, but we have been there. In 1963 as we gained our independence Kenyans seized the good to triumph over evil by embracing each our other as Kenyans, we welcomed our yesterday colonial masters as development partners and archived tremendous growth in social-economic front. Better institutions of education and superior economic infrastructures marked our new democracy. We became the envy of our neighbors and Africa as a whole. This has never changed and we must maintain our place in the world as a peaceful democracy.

May I harken to add that the supreme court of Kenya is presided by the sons and daughters of this Kenya. They are fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters; certainly our fellow Kenyans. They too wish the Best for our Country. Ruling they must rule and it will be favorable to the wishes of either the petitioners or the respondents Kenyans must allow them to discharge their constitutional obligation,  most importantly we should trust them  to rule for the just society of the Country of Kenya. This we must not forget.

Let me end with this very strong words, we respect Raila and Uhuru they have millions of supporters across the country but only one of them can be a President at any one time. It is thus imperative that we peacefully embrace the ruling of the Supreme Court. We must never allow anyone to incite us in to violence directly or through their supporters while their wives and children are stacked in safety.

Kenya cannot afford to divorce Peaceful and Harmonious co-existence from our noble aspirations of realizing the development agenda set under our new constitution and stated in Vision 2030. Let the words of our National anthem reign supreme. God bless Kenya God bless the People of Kenya.

With Thanks

John M Kamau

Secretary General


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