Message from a Kenyan student in Cuba


My name is Vincent otieno , a Kenya currently studying in cuba . I am studying medicine and I am a second year student . Kenyans in Cuba are kind of isolated because of communication problem and that is why you don’t hear from us that much. All I can say is that we are alive and Cuban govt is taking care of us.
I just hope that Kenyans in diaspora are united and they are doing fine. We really want to know how other Kenyans are doing and how they participate in different Kenyan activities in diaspora. The Kenyans in cuba are not well off. The higher education ministry stopped giving stipend which we were depending on for our survival but even though we are facing a lot of difficulties now, we still want to participate in development of Kenya. The Cuban government provided us with scholarships and we work hard so that one day we can go back home and help our country.
As a way of giving back,one of the project we started is the Kenya medical students in Cuba. This project is made of all Kenyans studying medicine in Cuba. The main reason for this project is to try and help the poor people in Kenya with medical service .Many of you might have seen how the Cuban doctor have been helping all over the world i.e.  in Haiti. We would like also to do the same in Kenya.
It is our hope that we all unite in building of our beautiful  and  working nation.

Tunajivunia kuwa wakenya.

vincent omondi

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  1. Kirubi kariuki says

    Hi. I’m interested in such a program for my masters. What is the proper way to get a scholarship? Either local government or Cuban?

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