Sunday Morning in Nairobi: One Day Before the Election

Driving through the city this morning, One would never think that the most important day in the history of Kenya is a few hours away. Through light traffic and calm motorists I drove from Embakasi to get a feeling on what people are feeling this eve of this country’s historical election.
My friends woke up early, got their Sunday best and went to church. The breeze in Nairobi calls for a day in the park. However passing through Uhuru Highway, Uhuru  Park is not buzzing with people.
Kenyans have heeded the call for end to electioneering and the noise buzz that one has been accustomed to in the last few months have been replaced by a calm reflection. It is a good thing to see the peace that is Kenyan. During the 2007 General elections, I was in Mombasa covering the mood. It was also peaceful until the counting begun.
This time around, watching the IEBC information on TV and listening to the radio, It is my belief that they have gone out of their way to ensure that people are informed. They have also gone to great length to assure the wananchi that this will be a fair election. My belief is that Kenyans will vote peacefully. And that when all is said and done, we will know who will guide this East African Country we call home in its new dispensation.
Teddy Njoroge Kamau (PhD) SYR Radio/TV, Director International Desk. Diaspora Messenger Contributor

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