Ciku of busted Fights Back The Artur Saga


Social media has not been very kind to radio star Ciku Muiruri. The organised attacks were touched off by KTN’s investigative reporter Mohammed Ali’s clip showing the celebrated radio presenter frolicking with the alleged mercenary Artur Margaryan,.

A section of Kenyans on social media have incessantly aimed their guns and fired social bullets mercilesly inflciting Ciku pain and and revved  their rage at the humble journalist.

Like an army gone rogue they literally massacred all the good contributions Ciku has made in the media and public.

In what would pass for  gender  bias attacks on celebrity ladies, Ciku, like Caroline Mutoko was ‘murdered’ with criticism begging the question, “can’t women have their space even on social media?”

Maybe studies on social media behaviour towards women celebrities in Kenya need to be undertaken.

It is interesting to note that amongst all the drama that surround our celebrities, only Mutoko and Ciku have been heavily attacked on social media.

Interestingly, most male celebrities have been embroiled in many scandals but Kenyans on social media sites seems to have turned a blind eye on them. Going through the comments on Facebook, it is shocking that the most spiteful comments come from the ladies, while many men told Ciku to let the matter rest.

In last week’s edition of “Jicho Pevu” which investigated the death of  former Internal Security Minister Professor George Saitoti, it showed a clip of Ciku getting cosy with the alleged mercenaries who were deported from Kenya in 2006. And so begun her woes.  She immediately went to her Facebook page where she posted a clarification, saying Artur had just carried her to ‘create space’ for others in their seat.

She has been the trending topic of Twitter for the past few days.

On Friday’s Zuqka pullout, Ciku wrote a two page story, defending herself, but the damage seem to  have already been done. Her defense that she was carried by Artur ‘ to create space for others’, is akin to former Makadara legislator Reuben Ndolo’s argument,  claiming he only said ‘weka tyre gari ipite’ instead of ‘Ukiona Kplc weka tyre uchome hao’

Kenyans on social media have sadly  taken it a notch higher and numerous memes have been popping up chiding Ciku.

There is also Facebook page that had killed and buried Ciku Muiruri. The page RIP Ciku Muirurialready has 7400 likes.

Not even Susan Mirfat of Tujuane show got so much hate from Kenyans online. For those who have forgotten, Mirfat is the girl from KTN dating show Tujuane who talked down at her date because he though he was too ghetto for her.

She was rather rude during the show and used a lot of unpleasant words to describe the man. Immediately after the show was aired, Kenyans on social media sites took up her cause with vengeance and abuses flowed freely until it was rumored that she has suffered psychological breakdown and was contemplating suicide.

Seems Kenyans on social media sites never let a good story lie idle.

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