Police in Migori County have arrested a man in possession of human body parts. The man was found digging up a grave, and the villagers marched him to his house in Mukuri village of Suna West constituency, where they found a human hand.

Villagers became suspicious after he was seen taking too long next to a grave in a homestead, and they informed area chief. The chief, Josephat Ouma found the man with a jembe next to the grave and ordered him to leave the place and go back to his home.

“We matched him to his house where we found a human hand,” he said.

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Residents took the man, who stays alone, to the local police post. Ouma said the incident had brought fear among residents who still do not understand why someone would exhume a body.

“The person had been buried over a month ago and the incident has brought fear and anxiety here,” he said adding residents were keen to know what the man was intending  to do with the human hand and who’s it was.

Migori Deputy OCPD James Mwangi said the man was at the police station and they are investigating what he wanted to do with the human body parts.

“We are still carrying out our investigations to know what the man was doing with the hand,” he said.

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