Linturi was serious-Tables Salaries Commission petition in Parliament

Igembe South MP Mithika Linturi has tabled a petition in Parliament to start the process of removing the Salaries and Remuneration Commission.

The SRC, which has powers to determine the pay of public officers, pegged MPs’ salary at Sh532,500 from Sh851,000 earned by members of the Tenth Parliament.

Mr Linturi had filed the petition with the Clerk of the National Assembly in which he wants Parliament to endorse the removal of the chairperson and members of the Commission.

His key arguments were that the chairperson, Sarah Serem, has violated, breached, infringed and threatened the Constitution.

Mr Linturi cited the Preamble and several Articles in the Constitution, which, he says, Serem’s team has violated.

Article 251 says that a member of a commission or a holder of an independent office may be removed only for serious violation of the Constitution or any other law, gross misconduct, physical or mental incapacity, incompetence or bankruptcy.

The SRC set a new pay structure under which Governors will earn Sh640,681 while Senators and MPs will earn Sh532,500 in the first year.


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