Mystery fifth person in Mutula’s death probe


Detectives investigating the death of Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo are exploring the presence of a mysterious visitor at his Maanzoni home when he died last Saturday.

The visitor is said to have been questioned by detectives but police have deepened the mystery because they have maintained silence on the details emerging from the investigation into the death of the maverick politician.

Investigators believe the guest could provide critical information on the last moments of the Senator whose death has puzzled the country.

Multiple sources — who cannot be named because they are not allowed to speak on behalf of the family — say that the preliminary findings from the postmortem examination were unlikely to change significantly when the final report is prepared.

And, going by the preliminary findings, police have no reason to detain any of those who were at Mr Kilonzo’s house, unless further investigations raise a different line of investigation.

Besides the mysterious visitor, police have questioned the farm manager, a cook, a supervisor and the housekeeper and recorded their statements.

An officer privy to the investigations told theSunday Nation that the statements by some of Mr Kilonzo’s employees are not consistent. Two of the employees have written that there was a guest at the house while others did not mention the visitor.

Another officer said the postmortem examination findings did not leave any room for conjecture in establishing the cause of death, but it had been agreed that the decision to release the report should be left to the family.

The postmortem examination was conducted by seven doctors led by chief government pathologist, Dr Johansen Oduor at the Lee Funeral Home in Nairobi.

British pathologist Calder Ian Maddison flew to Kenya at the family’s request and took part in the examination.

Further reports have showed that an unlabelled bottle containing pills was among samples taken from Mr Kilonzo’s bedroom by detectives after the death was reported.

The Senator’s body was found tucked in bed with foam in the mouth. There were also indications that the lawyer had vomited and samples were collected for analysis.

Besides the pathologists, detectives have engaged experts at the Government Chemist to examine the pills and other samples.

Fresh reports emerged Saturday that seemed to contradict earlier information that Mr Kilonzo had not been seen alive on April 27, until he was discovered dead at around 11am.

According to the new reports, the Senator had woken up early and spent about 30 minutes at the swimming pool within the compound of his palatial home.

At that time, the visitor was in the house.

Police also reviewed video footage captured by CCTV cameras mounted around Mr Kilonzo’s home.

Director of Criminal Investigations Ndegwa Muhoro said: “The doctors are holding the key to this investigation. You start with learning the cause of death from the doctors before you decide whether to pursue it further or end it. It could be different if it was a matter of an attack where injuries are visible.”

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