Word of the Day:There’s more to life than giving up.

One thing I like about most athletes is that they always finish the race. It doesn’t matter if they finish first or last, the important thing here is that they try their level best to cross the finish line. Yes , I know that winning the race is quite a thrill. I also know that coming in last is not that much fun either, but the worst thing of all is quitting at the middle of the race. I understand that there are some situations that might compel you to go no further, but if it’s not a matter of life and death, try to hold on and see what lies ahead.

Most of us have this tendency of starting something with a lot of steam, only to abandon it halfway when faced with challenges. Flashback through your life and think about all the times that you have abandoned ship just because you sensed a storm coming, only to turn out to be a small passing wind. Think about all the relationships, all the business ideas, that proposal that never reached your boss’s desk. Think about it. Was the change of heart really worth it?

When it seems like ‘this is the end, like there is no hope, like we have to stop and turn around or like we are finished’ , that’s when you get that crazy energy to push forward. Only stop because the situation doesn’t allow it. Not because someone told you so or because the boss shot down your proposal like an enemy plane. Let’s keep trying, because there’s more to life than giving up.

Romans 12:12:Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer

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