Obama to engage Kenyan youth in live satellite broadcast from South Africa


US President Barack Obama will field questions from Kenyan youth despite skipping the country in his Africa tour.

A statement from the Nairobi US Embassy stated that Obama will engage the eight young Kenyans in a discussion via satellite broadcast on Saturday from the University of Johannesburg, South Africa.

The broadcast will be aired by one of the local TV stations.

“Eight young Kenyans will engage with PresidentBarack Obama in a live satellite broadcast during a pan-African Town Hall event University of Johannesburg, Soweto Campus,” the statement indicated in part.

Obama will also respond to questions from youth from Kampala and Lagos as well as from the studio audience in South Africa during the 75 minute live broadcast television event.

Obama has already arrived in Senegal for his historic African tour. He will also visit South Africa and Tanzania.

He recently said his itinerary did not include Kenya because the International Criminals Court ( ICC) had indicted President Uhuru Kenyatta and his DeputyWilliam Ruto.-standardmedia.co.ke

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