Who is causing the turf wars between Kimaiyo and Kavulundi?


Can somebody help me to understand this: It is to the best of my understanding that the Inspector-General, Mr. David Kimaiyo and his two Deputy Inspector-Generals, Ms. Grace Kaindi (Regular Police), and Mr. Samuel Arachi (Administration Police) are a part and parcel of the National Police Service Commission under the chairmanship of Mr. Johnstone Kavulundi. And as such, I would expect that all deliberations undertaken and decisions reached by NPSC include the inputs from these three police officers. And now I ask: Where is this madness of turf wars between Kimaiyo and Kavulundi coming from? It appears to me that Mr. Kimaiyo is not acting alone. He is doing all this for somebody else. It is, therefore, my opinion that this man, Mr. Kimaiyo, has a hidden agenda and he needs to be investigated.


Githua Kariuki

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