Word of the Day:The power of words


A man is said to have approached Socrates one day to share some gossip. The wise philosopher asked, ‘First, are you certain it’s true? Second, is it something good? Third, is it something useful?’ When the man said, ‘Not really,’ Socrates replied, ‘Well, if it’s not true, good or useful, why talk about it?

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Gossip can feel like a form of intimacy, but it’s actually a false bond motivated by the desire to diminish another person and make you look good. Humans are naturally curious beings, most especially about each other and it’s not always easy to resist a piece of new information about another person.

The Bible says there is a time to speak and a time to be silent and that whoever restrains their lips is wise. Before talking about others, you have to ask yourself the following questions: Are you telling someone who can do something about the problem by helping, or offering discipline or correction? Are you breaking a confidence, and if so, is it strictly because the person is endangering someone’s life, including their own? Have you examined your own life and confessed where you’ve sinned in similar areas? Are you praying for the person? Would you be comfortable if someone was saying this about you?’

Psalms 41:6:Whenever one comes to see me, he speaks falsely, while his heart gathers slander, then he goes out and spreads it abroad.

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