Dubai driver jailed for breaching Kenyan co-worker’s privacy

Dubai: A driver has been jailed for one year for offending his co-worker and breaching her privacy by photomontaging her face onto 12 pictures of naked women.

The 24-year-old Indian driver, G.S., was said to have secretly transferred 60 of his 44-year-old Kenyan co-worker’s pictures from her BlackBerry phone to his mobile phone.

Then he downloaded the photos on his laptop and using special software put the woman’s face on pictures of naked women.

The Dubai Misdemeanour Court jailed G.S. for a year although he pleaded not guilty.

According to Thursday’s ruling, the accused will be deported following the completion of his jail term.

He contended before the judge that he did not steal the photos from her BlackBerry, but she gave him the pictures as they had what he described as a ‘close relationship’.

When asked by the judge why he admitted before prosecutors that he stole the photos and put her face on naked pictures, the defendant alleged: “Because police beat me and obtained a coerced confession.”

The Kenyan complained to the police on April 30 that she had been receiving dirty phone calls from someone.

“He used to tell me that he loved me and wanted to sleep with me because I was in his heart. Initially, I did not recognise the caller, who used to call me up to four times a day from a landline or a mobile… he always asked to have sex with me. One of the company’s drivers, named Raju, claimed that he had seen my naked photos on Facebook. Later Raju came to my desk and offered to help me identify the stalker. Two days later I discovered the stalker’s identity with the help of my husband. G.S. turned out to be the stalker and he was nicknamed Raju in the company,” the woman told the police.

Records said Dubai Police arrested G.S. in a sting operation on May 8 in a sandy area in Al Qouz.

The defendant said when the woman was away from her desk, according to his prosecution statement, he transferred around 60 photos from her BlackBerry to his mobile via Bluetooth.

He claimed that he placed her face on pictures of naked women.

G.S. admitted that he called his co-worker repeatedly and told her ‘I love you and you are in my heart’.

“Sometimes I used to make her hear sex movies. She constantly refused to have sex with me. She got outraged and complained to the police immediately after I sent her montaged photos,” the Indian said.

Prosecution records said the defendant denied posting the photos on Facebook.

Police seized G.S.’s laptop and the flash memory on which the indecent photos were saved.

Thursday’s verdict remains subject to appeal within 15 days.-Gulf News

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