Kenyan Pascal Chuma’s arts charms way to New York

He could be a ‘small grain’ in the art industry, but Pascal Chuma’s extraordinary works have finally paid off. Chuma who runs the Bobea Art Centre is among dozen international artists invited to the prestigious See Exhibition, New York City gallery beginning July 25.

The famed exhibition attracts hundreds of enthusiasts and buyers from all over the world. Chuma will be joining the world greats of American Daniel Mark

Cassily, Australian Sarah Hickey,Portuguese Ana Cruz, Chinese Myriam Moreno, NewZealander Matt Dobson and Argentinian Francisco Bembibre among others. The exhibition dubbed The Story of the Creative will see 21 of Chuma’s selected pieces on display that will run till September 10.

“It is a great opportunity to have international exposure and I am very happy about the prospects,” says a beaming Chuma as he works on his piece at the Bobea Art Centre in Nairobi’s Donholm Phase 5.

The See Me Community Director Emily K was also excited to have Chuma’s works at the 7-week exhibition, “We’re thrilled to have you as a part of the show. Your hard work is done; you’ve made great art. Now we are going to get bus producing this massive show.”

His painting Communication Transition is already having tongues wagging at the online marketplace of the exhibition being hosted

Using what is now famously referred to as the ‘Chumaism’ style the artist in this painting depicts the many years of evolution of communicationtechnologies. In one composition he manages to put in perspective, the smoke, the oral village crier announcing a meeting at the village square, then there is the drummer, and then the telephone booth, the computer, and ? nally the mobile phone and internet.

Chumaism uses acrylic on canvass and is rich in emotion as it is varied in colour and texture. His other paintings are on development themes such as environmental conservation, women rights and equality, urbanization, youth unemployment as well as love.

Recently, Chuma won an award at the Kenyans for Kenya campaign hosted by the Village Market to raise funds for hungerstricken Kenyans. Chuma assists upcoming artists hone their skills at the BobeaArt Centre in Kayole that he helped start in 2010.

“I decided to nurture art talent among disadvantaged youth since I understand the challenge of raising fee to go to college,” he


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