You cannot command a taxi driver to fly a jet and expect to be alive a few minutes after take off. It is still hard to know the reasons how someone who does not understand one thing about Kenyans in Diaspora would become the director of Diaspora affairs.

After listening to Raila answer  questions on Radio, I was impressed with his answers and loved the way he explained the reasons why Kenyans in Diaspora should be represented by someone who understands the problems and the needs of Kenyans living abroad and not Mr. Denis Itumbi.

 Denis Itumbi, the Director of Digital, News Media and Diaspora Affairs is not the right person to represent Kenyans in the Diaspora. The fist time I heard the name Itumbi, was when he was accused of having hacked the ICC website, and please correct me if I am wrong.

 By appointing Denis to the position of the Director of Diaspora Affairs, the Uhuru Administration has disappointed all Kenyans in the Diaspora. There are so many capable Kenyans living abroad, who understands life abroad better, and who can provide wonderful representation to all other Kenyans living abroad.

Very few Kenyans in Diaspora know Denis. How does the Uhuru Administration expect Denis to represent people he neither know, or understands how they live. It is like commanding a layman without the slightest skill of a Pilot, to fly a jet.

Thanks Amolo Odinga for putting this straight.

OP-ED:Isaac Newton Kinity

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