Word of the Day:Building Lasting Relationships.

God’s plan for your life always requires building relationships with the right people. To succeed, you must be able to recognize these people and work with them. A healthy, loving relationship can enhance many aspects of your life, from your emotional and mental well-being to your physical health and overall happiness.

For many of us, finding someone we want to share our lives with can seem like an impossible task. However, if the time is right for you and you are ready to share your life with someone then it’s bound to happen. There may be areas in your life that need to be healed before you can enter these relationships and enjoy them. So allow God to work on you. When you are ready, He will make the necessary introductions. In the meantime, get to know Him better. Make His opinion the source of your self-worth. If your last relationship stripped you of worth and drained you spiritually, use this time to get back on your feet. You may never have this opportunity again.

Finally, begin to love as God loves. He sees your imperfection, handles your rejection and loves you regardless. Therefore, you should not throw away a relationship because they made a mistake. No one’s perfect. You wouldn’t get rid of your car over a faulty part, right?

“It is not good that a man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him”
Genesis 2:18


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