Do not call me ‘mtukufu rais’ says Uhuru

PRESIDENT Uhuru Kenyatta on Tuesday told Kiambu Senator Kimani Wamatangi not to use “unwarranted titles” while addressing him in public.

Uhuru also warned Gatundu South MP Jose Ngugi against using “unworthy” words while asking for favour from him. The two made the references during Uhuru’s visit to Gatundu for the opening of new wards and a service wing at Gatundu Level IV Hospital.

Wamatangi called Uhuru ‘Mtukufu Rais’, a title which was used by former President Moi. The title translates to someone who is almost as glorious and great as God.

“Ninegependa kumwambia rafiki yangu Seneta Wamatangi ingawa mnanishikilia sana wacha nikupatie mawaidha kidogo ya kwamba hiyo mambo ya mtukufu rais tuliacaha zamani sana. (I want to tell my friend Senator Wamatangi that even though he supports me so much it is good to give him advice. We stopped giving presidents that title a long time ago). “We address each other now as His Excellency the President.” Ngugi had told Uhuru that Gatundu needs a mortuary.

Residents who were gathered at Gatundu stadium at jeered him for saying the word mortuary. “Mheshimiwas Ngugi, ukiwa na hawa watu wa Gatundu, ukianza kuongea mambo ya mortuary, ongea polepole. Ungesema kuna shinda ingine hapo. ( Please be careful when you talk to Gatundu people about the mortuary. Just say here is another important issue that needs to be addressed.”

A political analyst, Macharia Wainaina said Kiambu MPs ignorance and lack of good speech writers leads them to make such blunders.

Limuru MP John Kiragu recently told the Presidents: “I am the MP for Limuru and it is very cold, we have only brought you cold here.”

“The only one MP who seems to be making progress in speech before the President is Kimani Ichungwa because he says things that please the people and are useful to the common man,’ said Macharia.

– The Star

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