Word of the Day:Honoring our Leaders

Imagine you want to cross a busy highway but the cars are zooming by so fast that it seems almost impossible to cross. So you decide to step into the middle of the road and raise your hand to stop the cars. The most probable situation would be a series of hooting and angry fists raised at you. Now imagine you are in a Police uniform and you do the same, the same cars would come to a standstill, even that twenty four wheeler trailer that is seems unchallengeable.

People respect service. We honor police officers who serve; we pay homage to those who go to war as they defend nations, we even hold national days to commemorate these people. The question is, do we give the same honor and respect to those who are in an even greater service, the service to God? We need to give respect to pastors, missionaries, Sunday school teachers and all leaders in ministry.

In Romans we are encouraged to give honor and respect where it’s due. Therefore, instead of criticizing our Pastors, teachers or spiritual leaders, let others around you hear your words of gratitude and praise for their service. Let’s hold them up in prayer and put the respect and honor we have for them in practice. You can do this by asking your leaders how you can pray for them; you can appreciate them for their lessons that have impacted your life, for when you honor your leaders you honor God.

“Give everyone what you owe him: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor.”
Romans 13:7


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