ICC rejects William Ruto’s request to Stagger hearings


Nairobi, Kenya: Trial Chamber V (a) of the International Criminal Court Thursday rejected Deputy President William Ruto’s request to have two-week breaks between hearings.

The court will thus sit on a daily basis from September 10 to October 4

“The Chamber stressed the significance of advancing as much as possible in the case of Mr Ruto and Mr Sang, before constraints related to other cases affect the schedule, noting that there may be a need to modify the sitting schedule in the present case once the trial in the Kenyatta case commences,” said presiding Judge CJile Eboe-Osuji.

The chamber also directed the Prosecution to liaise with the Victims and Witnesses Unit in order to manage the testimonies of the first batch of witnesses.

In the request for breaks, Ruto’s Defence argues that their proposed schedule would allow the Deputy President to continue cooperation with the Court whilst discharging his constitutional responsibilities.

The Prosecution, however, submitted that alternating three week periods of sessions and breaks would be a more practical proposition because it would allow two witnesses to complete their testimony before a break.

In its objection of Ruto’s request, the Chamber says that it recognises that Mr Ruto has constitutional responsibilities, “but it is the imperatives of speedy trial, pursuant to the dictates of Article 64(2) of the Statute, that command the dominant consideration in the matter of the Chamber’s sitting schedule.”-standardmedia.co.ke

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