Kenyans in Diaspora Dismiss Reports of Demo Plan against Uhuru

Kenyans in the Diaspora have dismissed reports that Luos in the US have planned a demonstration against the official visit to the US by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Officials of Kenya Diaspora Consultative Forum convened an emergency meeting to denounce the insinuation that it was the Luo community in the US that was planning this demonstrations.

The non-Profit organisation was founded soon after the last general election and boosts membership from all communities spread across the 51 states of the US. The officials, led by John Kamau of Arizona were mandated to promptly reject the reports.

Flanked by Theora Thaituru from North Carolina, Peter Ichuri from Missouri and Charles Ochieng’ from Arizona, Kamau told Kenyans living in the US that the plan will not undermine the President’s visit and any meetings and interactions.

Kamau said Kenyans are busy planning to turn up in great numbers to give the President and his entourage a warm welcome during the historic visit.

But they said there was a possibility some forces in Washington DC and Florida have mobilised Kenyans and facilitating them to travel to New York to demonstrate outside the United Nations offices during the President’s visit.

Kamau said in a statement: “We want to meet and engage the man who will lead our nation for the next four and a half years to hear the dreams he has for the country.”

– The Star

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