Top Kenyan Officials Who Enjoy Massive VIP Protection


President Uhuru Kenyatta

He is most-guarded VIP currently. With his family, and presidential installations, the President has a 200-member elite squad drawn from the General Service Unit.

But whenever he moves, the local PPO has to ensure the President’s movement is well-guarded and when he addresses gatherings, more than 200 officers in plain clothes and uniforms are deployed.

He enjoys some of the best police officers’ services as they are drawn from various units and trained on a common agenda. Other than police officers, officials from National Intelligence Service also provide crucial services to the president.

William Ruto – Deputy President

As second in command, Ruto has 45 armed security officers, who also guard his family. The officers also guard his property, personal assistants and some relatives as well. Ruto enjoys the services of a lead car and a back-up whenever he is on the move and traffic personnel are always alerted on time to make way.

Justin Muturi – Speaker of the National Assembly

Muturi has heavy security on the move, at home and in the office. He has a lead carand a back-up and always has up to eight police officers with him whenever hetravels. His family too enjoys security.

Former President Daniel Moi

As former president of the republic, Moi enjoys heavy security all the time. Apart from himself as a person, his businesses, family and some friends still enjoy security, courtesy of him. Moi still has a lead car and a back up, together with another that usually carries his personal assistants. His homes are also guarded.

CJ Willy Mutunga

As the head of the Judiciary, which is also the third arm of the government. Mutunga enjoys heavy security all the time. His home is heavily guarded. He enjoys the services of a lead car whenever he is on the move. Mutunga’s security was bolstered before and after the March 4 elections, with more officers sent to guard him.

Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero

He is also in the league of VIPs who enjoy heavy security at home, work and on the move. As governor of Nairobi, Kidero has officers drawn from the regular police, City Hall and those he has employed personally.

He inherited some of bodyguards that had been guarding former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

Kidero enjoys the services of a lead car and back up. This means he has up to ten armed officers whenever he is on the move. His property and family are also guarded.


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