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Nyachae cheated death in the Westgate Mall terror attack

BOSTON, US: Constitutional Implementation Commission Chairman Charles Nyachae missed the Westgate Mall terror attack by the grace of God.

On the fateful day when the attackers stormed the building killing over 60 people, the CIC Chairman was supposed to visit the mall in the afternoon for a hair cut before his journey to Boston, US.

Nyachae said that he was meant to be at Westgate Mall on the day of the attack but he was held up only to later learn of the unfortunate incident.

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“On Saturday afternoon, I had planned to go for a haircut at the mall before flying out to the US for a conference. The terrorist attack occurred hours ahead of my planned visit to the mall,” Nyachae said.

“I thank God for my life, and I think a lot of efforts need to be done in fighting terrorism in Kenya,” he said.

Nyachae is accompanying three governors in US attending an International County Management Conference in Boston.

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The three on Wednesday led a Kenyan delegation in praying for the victims and families of the Westgate Mall.

Pastors Mrs Judy Olson and Mr Norm Bliechman presided over the prayers at The First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston Massachusetts on Wednesday.

The Kenyans said that they were deeply concerned with what was happening back in Nairobi and had constantly been in touch with their families.

Governors Dr Julius Malombe (Kitui),Simon Kachaping (West Pokot),Dr Cleophas Lagat (Nandi),Mr Charles Nyachae the chairman of the Constitutional Implementation Commission (CIC)  attended the church service and condemned the attack while calling on people around the world to fight terrorism.

“It is unfortunate that Kenya has been a target for terrorists at a time when the country has been seeking to enforce the rule of law,order and democracy in Africa,” Lagat said.

Kachaping called on the people around the world to pray for the families of those who were killed or injured during the attack.
“Hatred should not take the place of love because we are of one people and of one God. Let us all believe in the power of prayer,” Kachaping said.

Dr Malombe said that the Al-Shabaab had wreaked havoc in the society and that the attack was meant to reverse the gains made by the Kenyan Defence Forces (KDF) in liberating Somalia.

“Religious faiths should not divide the people and we should all seek to serve humanity and not destroy societies and a source of livelihood for the people,” Malombe said.

Mr Nathan Smith, the Administrator, International Planning Team at the church said he was saddened by the attack because he had frequently visited the Malls whenever he is in Kenya.

“I feel for Kenyans in this very unfortunate situation. Whenever I visit Nairobi my friends and I visit Westgate Mall. I was personally and deeply affected when I learnt of the attack,” Smith said.

The Nairobi attack has been a major issue of debate inBoston with many following the unfolding scenario through news relayed through the various Television stations and social media.

By Vitalis Kimutai in Boston

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