ICC allows Uhuru to skip trial sessions

Nairobi, Kenya: The International Criminal Court ( ICC) has conditionally excused President Uhuru Kenyatta from continuous presence at The Hague for his trial beginning 12 November 2013.

However, the decision by judges in Trial Chamber V (b) has asserted that violations of any conditions for excusal may result in revocation of the partially granted request, and/or the issuance of an arrest warrant, where appropriate.

President Kenyatta had placed a request to be excused from continuous presence at his trial.

The decision was adopted by majority; however Presiding Judge Kuniko Ozaki dissented.

The majority however, required the president to be physical present for the entirety of the following sessions: the opening and closing statements of all parties and participants, hearings when victims present their views and concerns in person, the delivery of judgement in his case and any other attendance ordered by the Chamber.

Uhuru is also required to be at The Hague during sentencing hearings, the delivery of sentencing, the entirety of victim impact hearings, as well as reparation hearings if the case gets to such levels.

Judge Chile Eboe-Osuji appended a separate concurring opinion, and Presiding Judge Kuniko Ozaki appended a dissenting opinion.-standardmedia

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