Video Of Nonini Getting Bursted On Road Hog


Yesterday we told you Nonini was among these weekends pack of busted traffic rule offenders on Citizen TV’s ‘Road Hog’ segment. Some of you of course missed the show so i went fishing and got you the video.

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I must however commend Citizen TV for this name and shame segment that seeks to discourage all those tempted to pull a stupid move on the road, to think twice before they are humiliated on National television, and especially these public figures and influential people that we are supposed to look out to.

Oh and in case this gets Nonini’s driver fired, I say he will at least have learned to follow traffic rules for when he lands his next job. Someone has to take a step and stop all the madness on the roads. So watch the video here as we shame all those offenders. Watch out from minutes

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