The understanding of the Principles of Success is not achieved through a sudden freight. It is not contained in the destination, but is realized through a process- a journey through time.
Like all journeys, this journey to the realization of these principles must begin somewhere. In traveling, the journey begins with the first step.
The journey to the realization of the insights on principles of success should start in self discovery, through the concept of, “know thyself.”
We must have a thorough understanding of whom and what we are. We must also understand the connection between one part of ourselves to the other.
We must also understand how it is that we are said to possess two personalities- the duality of man.
We must also understand the correlation between the seen and the unseen; between the cause and effect.
Scientific research has brought us to a vital realization that the human body is just a tool for the brain. It is a slave to the brain in that all that it does is controlled by the brain. Neural- scientists have come up with an A-Z map of the brain which shows all the different parts of the brain that deals with the different parts of the body. This map shows that all the different muscles and ribs in our bodies are all controlled by the different parts of the brain and that without the brain, none can function.
It has become clear that the eye for example is just an organ that allows light to pass through the retina to a certain part of the brain that receives the light and differentiate the different colors and interprets it to give us the vision of the object- the source of the light.
The ear, likewise, receives the different sounds that passes through it to the part of the brain that interprets the different sounds to make the voice, the words and generally the type of sounds that we receive and associate it with its source. For example, when a lion roars, we receive the sound of the roar and the brain translates it and associates it with a lion. The interpretation is then passed on to the part of the brain that deals with action and gives the body instruction on the right cause of action.
As much as the body is a slave to the brain, the brain in turn is the seat of the mind. The mind is associated with our consciousness. Our consciousness in turn is what gives us the ability to think and differentiate us from the rest of the animal kingdom.
This consciousness is our Central Processing Unit (CPU) for our thought forces. Our consciousness is what processes our thought forces and is sometimes known as the objective conscious mind.
Upon these thoughts being processed by our consciousness, they are then transmitted into our brains as electrical signal through the trillions of neurons to be passed on to the entire body. In this scenario, we see the hierarchy of our personality, from the most superior to the most inferior.
Whereas the realm of the body is in the physical, the realm of the mind is in the spiritual. The realm of the spiritual is said to be more superior to the realm of the physical in that the realm of the spiritual is the realm of thought. Thought, once processed in the mind is then manifested into the physical through the process described above.
It is said that the seen or the physical is as a result of the unseen- the thoughts. This shows that the unseen is the real as it is the cause of what we see and what we see is the effect of the unseen.
The world of thought which is also the spiritual world or the world of the unseen is a real world. It is the most real as well as the most important world, since everything in the seen world originates from this unseen world.
This shows that in order for us to succeed in realizing our goals and dreams, we must dwell more in this world of the unseen. We must brood our thoughts over and over in this world of thoughts. We must focus our mind on the thought forces in this spiritual world.In other words, we must become a Joseph- the dreamer.

To be continued…

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