List of Annoying ‘Modern’ Kenyan Man Habits


KENYA: Yes, the modern woman is an enigma; no one really knows how to handle her with all her rights and career power. But it is the modern man who is even more of a mystery.

The ‘modern’ Kenyan man is not the man that existed during our fathers’ time. Today, he has new queer habits and belief systems that are downright strange and annoying for most women.

While our mothers had to put up with poor grooming, and related pet peeves, it is nothing compared to what women today have to put up with.

When you ask women about the things they cannot stand in today’s man, the list will often be endless. Here are, some of the most annoying modern man’s habits.


The first and most annoying thing is the fact that he believes in his heart of hearts that his boys always come first. In fact, he spends more time with his boys than any woman or even his family.

Secondly, today’s man do not seem to know that the reason he is called man and head of the home is because his job is to provide financially for his family. He finds it burdensome to provide financially; some do not even mind being kept by women.

Thirdly, baby mama drama. Today’s man often has one baby mama or more hovering somewhere in the past. It is hard enough trying to understand today’s man with all his new behaviours. Adding a baby mama into the mix is emotionally draining. In case you do not know who a baby mama is, it is the woman a man has a child or children with, but is not married to. Today’s man seems to have very many of those.

Fourthly, they have a tendency of to be best friends with the ex. I know the world has changed and anything goes these days. But inviting your ex to you birthday party that your current girlfriend organised is in bad taste.

Why people want to be cosy best friends with their ex-girlfriends is beyond my understanding. But the modern man seems to think there is nothing wrong with constantly calling or having coffee with his ex. And if it is not an ex, he has a best friend of the opposite sex, who more often than not he tells more that he does you.


Fifthly, the modern man does not seem to have a single romantic bone in his body. He would not know what romance is, even if it hit him on the face. Even doing simply things like calling his woman to find out how her day was is asking too much

Sixthly, the potbelly trend is an eyesore. I do not know when it became okay for men to walk around in potbellies. I dare you to find any successful man in Nairobi above the age of 28, and I can almost guarantee you that he comes with a pot belly. Yes, looks are not everything, but yawa a few hours at the gym is not the end of the world!

Lastly, the metrosexual man; we women asked for a manly man who would listen to us and be more in tune with our emotions, and instead of that we got Mr Metrosexual man, and he gets more annoying with every passing year.-standardmedia


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