‘Dead’ Man Returns Home-wife faints


dead_man_returnsA family in Isinya was shocked by an occurrence of what had been a two decade long impossibility- the return of a man thought dead for about twenty years.

60 year old Ntimasas Kanchwoi had gone to Tanzania in search of work, leaving his wife and seven children behind.

Kanchwoi had accompanied a friend who hawked Maasai ornaments in Tanzania.

Kanchwoi’s brothers, Moses Koiyet and Daniel Leparakuo, say they had sought the help of a traditional seer who told them that their brother had passed on.

The ‘bereaved’ family had consequently proceeded with the ritual culturally prescribed for a lost relative whose body is not found.

Twenty years on, relatives and neighbors had mixed reactions on seeing the man they believed had died and ‘resurrected’.

His wife fainted on seeing him, as relatives welcomed him- albeit in fear and shock- a spectacle that neighbors gathered to witness.

His 95 year old, semi blind father shed tears openly as he touched his son palm to ascertain it was him

Later on sheep were slaughtered to welcome him.

Kanchwoi says that he and his friend fell out when they got to Dodoma, Tanzania.

Kanchwoi says he got lost and it is only after months of suffering that a well wisher gave him a shelter and he started farming.

He got married there and had two sons.

After many years, a friend identified him as a kinsman and brought him home.

Kanchwoi says he thanks God and is happy to find his people in good health.

By Diana Kariuki


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