Farmers Lament Drop In Prices Of Quail Eggs

Farmers lament drop in prices of Quail eggs
Farmers lament drop in prices of Quail egg

NYERI, KENYA: Quail farmers in Nyeri County have raised concern over the drop in the prices of quail eggs from Sh 100 to Sh 30 per egg. The farmers said that they were going to form an association to find ways to keep brokers at bay who had flocked the market and affecting the prices.

Emma Njora a quail farmer said that they were concerned with the negative media reports concerning the quail eggs and their benefits.

We are still making profits from the sale of quail eggs even with the drop in prices but we would like to ask those who are criticizing the business to keep off,Ms Njora said Global Quail farmersCooperative society national chairman Isaac Kariuki has said that quail farmers were still conducting lucrative business by selling the eggs and birds despite the public skepticism that was being created by various media reports.

€œWe are farming these birds for three main reasons, food security, to generate income for our families and for the overall health benefits of the eggs,Kariuki noted. There have been reports that the health benefits of the quail eggs cannot be substantiated but most of the farmers had experienced the health benefits.


Farmers lament drop in prices of Quail eggs


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