Philip Moi ordered to pay ex-wife Sh2.7 million

Philip Moi ordered to pay ex-wife Sh2.7 million
Philip Moi ordered to pay ex-wife Sh2.7 million

Retired President Daniel Moi’s son Philip who is fighting his estranged wife Rossana Pluda’s upkeep claims, has been ordered to pay her arrears of Sh2.7 million before February 10.

High Court judge Luka Kimaru yesterday directed that Philip pays Pluda an initial Sh500,000 by the end of this morning and the remaining Sh2.2 million by February 10.

This follows complaints by Pluda that Philip has not been paying the money meant for her upkeep and that of their children as ordered by court.

Their court drama took a lull for sometime after Philip paid Pluda Sh8.1 million in arrears in August 2012. When he paid the lump sum amount, a pending warrant of arrest against him was lifted.

However, Philip kept on protesting the payment of the upkeep fees on a monthly basis.

He had complained to the courts that he cannot afford the Sh250,000 monthly payments since he is unemployed and only relies on pension from the Department of Defence where he retired as an army major.

Philip sought for temporary orders to stop Pluda from demanding the money from him. He said the amount he was ordered to pay was beyond what Pluda used to access during the subsistence of the marriage.

Philip said despite knowing his true financial status, Pluda had decided to live a “life of fantasy, glamour and glitz, ostentation with a display of affluence fit for

Hollywood and the legendary jet setting lifestyle known worldwide for extravagance and lavish lifestyles.”

He said he Pluda’s “lavish lifestyle which is not only extravagant but obscene according to Kenyan standards” had forced him to incur debt to maintain it.

However, he never got reprieve to stop Pluda from demanding the money.

Philip had even tried to get orders to have Pluda pay him upkeep saying they are equal partners before the law but this argument didn’t convince the court. Their divorce case will be heard on February 13.



Philip Moi ordered to pay ex-wife Sh2.7 million

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