Photos:Pastor Makes Congregation Eat Grass In ‘God’s’ Name


It has always been a cause of great debate when staunch fellow-shippers are convinced by church leaders to do things that society deems rather outrageous.

People have given money they don’t have, sold their homes and some even put themselves in situations that can never be undone.

Recently, a mammoth congregation of South African believers rushed outside into the church compound and settled for a mouthful of grass… yes, you heard right! GRASS!

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The issue sparked a major debate in response to which the pastor named Daniel Lesego who was responsible for the grass-eating said that he was proving that the spirit of ‘God’ can control humans and they can eat anything to feed their bodies.

An eye witness went ahead to share on twitter adding that the pastor also steps on people during his ministering sessions, a fact he backed up with evidence.


@ah_qu_uh You witnessed the grass eating? Tell us more. How and why?

— Clayson Monyela (@ClaysonMonyela) January 8, 2014


Still don’t believe it? Well, check out the photos below of the church members happily munching away on the grass…



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