Photos:Sonko in Police uniform, sympathizes with them


After putting on the police uniform,Sonko sort of got into the police shoes and got to know where it pains.Now he is sympathizing with them and is urging Kenyans to help the police.Here is his message on social media.What do you think?

In these photos I’m not posting as another Waiganjo or an impostor but I’m discharging my constitutional duties on oversight over all state officers whereby I managed to do an investigate tour and feature on the flow of traffic on our busy major roads leading to our estates, roundabouts and all the major highways in the city.

Do you know some police officers are not corrupt especially those controlling the flow of city traffic on our roads? We must come up with a system that will guarantee the supply of mobile/ portable toilets, provision of heavy jackets to officers who are on the roads as early as 4am, provision of clean drinking mineral water and other essential needs to officers controlling traffic during sunny hours. I therefore urge all motorists to kindly cooperate in assisting our officers to ensure easy flow of traffic in our county. Carry even two bottles of clean mineral water from your house and donate to our officers controlling the city traffic. When your instructed to stop so that you pave way for another lane to flow, just obey and don’t hoot at these innocent officers as they undergo through hell from what I experienced. If you have an emergency and may be your stopped or stuck in the jam, just alight from your car and plead with them politely and they will understand and assist you accordingly.


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