Introducing The Outernet: Free, Worldwide Wi-Fi For Everyone


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Forget what you know about the Internet, especially the part where you have to pay to access it.

A New York City-based company, the Media Development Investment Fund, plans to launch hundreds of low-cost miniature satellites known as “cubesats” into orbit around the Earth to create the Outernet, awireless connection to the Web available for free to every person in the world. If everything goes according to plan, the Outernet could be here as soon as June 2015.

Each cubesat receives data from a network of ground stations around the world and transmits this information on a loop until new information is received. This means using the Outernet will be more like watching a program broadcast on TV, though Outernet users will build a priority list for the information they want and make suggestions for new content.

OuternetThe Outernet will use a network of miniature satellites to broadcast free WiFi to everyone on Earth.  Outernet.

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