Uhuru fires back,tells Raila Stop misleading Kenyans


President Uhuru Kenyatta has accused former Prime Minister Raila Odinga of misleading Kenyans by misinterpreting the Constitution.

Responding to an earlier accusation by the Cord leader, the President in an uncharacteristic fashion, took on the former premier saying he had allowed himself to be “misguided” by the law.

“The statement issued earlier Saturday by the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga shows him to be misguided about the law he purports to defend,” said the President through his spokesman Manoah Esipisu.

In a tough statement sent to the newsrooms Saturday evening, State House said Mr Odinga was deeply mistaken on the impeachment of Embu Governor Martin Wambora.

“He alleges that an injunction staying the impeachment of the governor of Embu was unlawfully ignored by the Senate. He is deeply mistaken,” Mr Esipisu said.

“Under Article 95(3) of the Constitution, the Senate oversees national revenues allocated to county governments. Under Article 125(1) the Senate has the right to call any person to testify before it, while Article 125(2) gives the Senate the same powers as the High Court. Article 181(2) allows the Senate to pass legislation for the removal of a county governor, while Parliament’s standing order no 65 specifies the procedure,” the statement added.

Earlier, Mr Odinga had asked the President to keep off the judiciary saying the head of state’s support for Parliament against the Judiciary was a violation of the rule of law.

“Kenya is going through a willful, premeditated, deliberate and shameless corruption of the system of justice, with the highest ranks of the Jubilee government supporting this assault on law and order,” Mr Odinga said in a statement sent to newsrooms Saturday morning.

The President’s spokesman however disputed the opposition leader’s statement saying he should have presented evidence to show that the President was cushioning parliament from the judiciary.

“The former Prime Minister’s statement presents no other evidence for its claims. Instead of disquieting the public with false claims about the law, we invite him to join the bipartisan consensus in support of the Senate’s action. Members of his party, and members of the ruling Jubilee coalition, are in full agreement that the Senate properly exercised its constitutional mandate to oversee county expenditure of Kenyan taxpayers’ hard-earned money,” Mr Esipisu said.

The spokesman defended the Senate saying the House acted as per the Constitution.

“Mr Wambora was called to the Senate regarding the management of revenue in his county. In calling him, the Senate had the same power as the High Court to take evidence, and require the appearance of witnesses. In impeaching him, the Senate acted according to Article 181 of the constitution, and Standing order 65. No order issued by a lower court can prevent the Senate from carrying out its constitutional duty,” he said.-nation.co.ke

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