Embu Council of Elders wants ban on miniskirts


Embu Council of Elders wants ban on miniskirts

Embu Council of Elders wants ban on miniskirtsTHE Embu Council of Elders (Nyangi Ndiirir) has asked the county Assembly to pass a law banning women from wearing of miniskirts in the county.

The elders said miniskirts have contributed to the rise in defilement and rape as mannerless men and sex pests are greatly influenced by the miniskirts.

They said the skirts make the men sexually abuse women. Women elders said there is need for  a law against wearing of miniskirts at the county and national level.

The elders who met at Gikuuri Market in Embu North District under the chairmanship of Andrew Ireri Njeru said miniskirt are a sign of moral decay.

They said the number of women waering miniskirts in Embu villages is increasing. The elders said it is time the trend is stopped.

They called upon parents to ensure their children have values that will help them grow up to be responsible leaders.

The elders said women with teenage daughters should teach them to avoid wearing miniskirts.

They said they are organising a meeting on March 29 this year and invited five elders from each community in Kenya to go to Embu to form a group that will be campaigning for peace and arbitrate in deputes touching on the country.

Ireri said elders should come together and form a formidable council which can be arbitrating in disputes that arises in the country.



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