Video:Daredevil or simply suicidal?-40 Story Building Climb And Handstand


Is this sportsmanship or suicidal mission-Judge for yourself:He’s got the whole world, on his hands: Daredevil Briton travels the globe to carry out extreme handstands

They say thrill-seekers enjoy living life on the edge, and one extreme sportsman has taken the phrase literally by performing death-defying handstands all over the world

Daredevil Scott Young, 25, from Baskingstoke, Hants., has travelled as far afield as India and China, and has even completed one handstand on top of a 40-storey skyscraper.

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Scott climbs to the edge of the building’s roofs and performs a handstand without any safety ropes – and films the vertigo-inducing views on a camera built into his shoe.

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