6,100 police and soldiers deployed in Eastleigh


A huge force of 6,100 police and soldiers has been deployed in the ongoing crackdown on terrorists in the Nairobi suburb of Eastleigh.

They are working in two shifts to cordon off the estate known to flush out illegal immigrants and suspected al Shabaab members. The operation is commanded by a deputy commissioner of police.

“The operation will aim at sanitising Eastleigh and its environs, major mission being to flush out al Shabaab/aliens, search for weapons, IEDs/explosives and other arms and last but not least to detect, disrupt and deter terrorism on other organised activities,” said a confidential intelligence report seen by the Star.

The forces comrpises 2500 officers from the Administration Police College, Embakasi, 2250 from the General Service Unit College, 500 NYS personnel and 300 KDF troops supporting 150 CID offices and 150 Anti-Terrorism Police. Also involved are 16 police dogs with their handlers.

The teams are interrogating suspects, searching houses and people, and ferrying suspects to nearby police stations.

“In case anything happens that is not captured in this operation order, officers are advised to use a very high sense of diligence and common sense in dealing with the matter and in any way that does not cause panic,” the operational order states.

Special focus is being placed on Kilimanjaro Hotel on 12th street, Eastleigh Mall, Madina Mall Royal Plaza, Alfafa Lodge on 10th stret, Nomad Palace, Banadir Lodge,Grand Royal Hotel, Land Star Hotel/ lodge, Sherrif Guest House, Dubai Lodge, Al Hamdu Lodge, Barwaqa Hotel, Amir Lodge,Moonlight Lodge, Ainul Qamar Hotel, Hidig Hotel, Katrina Hotel along Chai road, Ushirika estate, Mash Hotel opposite Garissa Lodge shopping complex Solar Lodge, Iftin Lodge, Juja Road Section 2 (Old Sewerage) and Majengo Highrise.

Road blocks have been erected at Mlango Kubwa along Juja road where there are random vehicle checks.

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