Diaspora Discovers Gold in Nyeri: Historical Gold


There is oil in Northern Kenya. In fact it is becoming clear that Kenya has so much to offer if only we can look dipper. Digging deep into the ground has brought our attention to mineral reserves in the Coast, Northern Kenya and soon, many counties will be discovering what the republic really has. The fact is, all these are being extracted by foreigners. Even the roads are built by the Chinese! What do Kenyans do? Seriously! Kenyans are known for marathon. Yes, and nyama choma!

When one Google Kenya, it is amazing how much land remain empty: un-populated. This of-course is good news. However, looking at it again, one realizes that compared to Uganda and Tanzania, Kenya is becoming a desert. It is sad to see that while Kenya looks barren and dry, Uganda shows signs of forests and green! It is this fact that makes me constantly argue that given Idi Amin’s illiteracy, Uganda was spared from explosive capitalism. Tanzania is the same. Mwalimu Nyerere did service to that country by embracing African Socialism. Capitalism is nothing but a justification of Western Greed! And in the hands of Kikuyu capitalists, trees are cut, wild animals are eaten, and the coastline is nothing but a concrete jungle!

For the progressive Kenyan, my argument is myopic. But let me make a case again, for you who doubt. What modernism and psudo – capitalism has done for Kenya is create poverty and misery. There is argument to the fact that Kenyans are free: free to self-government. Those who rejoice in this say that self rule is better than any form of government. But is this true? What is the purpose of self government when it is nothing but Neo-colonialism? Yes, colonialism because it seems that millions work hard for the government which does nothing for them. The hospitals are pathetic, the road network is useless, 70% of the youth are un-employed, there is no hope of creating an industrial economy. What good is it if the children growing up have no hope of finding a job? Women have to walk home when it rains because of the traffic chaos in Nairobi! What good is the self rule? Does it matter whether I am governed by a black man or white man? Isn’t it more important to have services? Could the British have done better? Could Kenyans be happier if, less racial discrimination, the British still governed?

The sad thing about this state is that it is prevalent everywhere in Kenya. like many places in Kenya after independence, the Kenya Scouts Association were left with a golden historical monument. Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of the Scouts movement, and his wife Olave, visited Kenya in 1935 on the way to South Africa. Lord and Lady Baden-Powell lived in Nyeri until his death there on January 8, 1941 and are buried at Nyeri. He chose Kenya as his last stand! When I visited the museum situated in down – town Nyeri recently, I found the place run down. Sadly, this historic monument is now poorly managed by Kenyans. It has nothing to reflect the importance of its great history. From the over grown grass, the pathetic reception, the intellectual emptiness of the employees, this golden history lays there barren waiting for some white people to revive it! Why? I mean why not give them the country all together to run? At least women will not share a bed in Hospitals!

Teddy Njoroge Kamau (PhD) leaguekenya.org

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