Kenyan Artiste In Court For Being A Nuisance In UK


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A Kenyan rapper living in the UK found himself in trouble after his neighbours protested about the loud music emanating from his apartment.

With booming bass and heavy hip hop beats thundering through their walls 24-hours a day, the neighbours of Elvis Turasinze, an aspiring rapper, were less than impressed, reports Daily Mail.

Now, after 18 months of noise, 15 visits from the council, one noise abatement order and one court appearance, Elvis has finally switched off his speakers – but says he still doesn’t understand what he did wrong.

“I just went to court with the truth, the truth being that I wasn’t causing no one a nuisance with the music,” says Elvis of the court appearance that finally put a stop to his music career. “I didn’t really get what they were talking about.”


However, as Elvis claims to exonerate himself, his neighbours at the Dagenham Council block tell a different story.

“Many times I’ve thought I’ll go up there and say something but then I think, what if he turns on me? How am I going to deal with that? Sometimes it wouldn’t start until 1am so you’d think, hooray peace and quiet for one night, and then suddenly, it would start, and you’d think, what?!,”complains his disgruntled neighbor adding, “He was outside on his balcony one time and everything was quiet, then I heard him say, “F*** it! I’ll go acapella” and he started rapping to himself and his friends.”

After more than a year and a half of complaints and a noise abatement order that was repeatedly breached, Elvis found himself in court where he was handed a three month conditional discharge and a £1,000 fine.


As a result, he was forced to shut down his studio and move it to his brother’s home in a suburban street a mile away.

“Now he’s stopped the music, I’ve got a much better life,” says his relieved neighbour. “Now I can go out, go to work, come home, relax and go to bed when I want.”

Elvis, however, has no plans to give up his musical career, even if he can’t do it from home.

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