Kenyan Women Drink More Than Women In All Of Africa’s 54 Nations!


6512-000006And let us forget or rather drop the pretentious, pious, pure airs put on by your girlfriend Caro and Shiro! Forget all the noise made by silly Sally, Kenyan women drink more pure alcohol than any other African counterparts vying against her for her men! And you wonder why there are alot of bitter Bettys prancing proudly about claiming she only drinks tots.

And which countries beat Kenyan women? Well, Portugal and Turkey. In that order. Why does this post sound salty? Because I am always meeting lasses who love to pretend that they do not drink or party or how much Kenyan men just love to party…

But one voice of dissent at the office suggested that the only reason Kenyan women drink this much is because men are trying to “chemical warfare”. Simply put, men are trying to get the lasses drunk enough to accept their advances. I highly doubt the validity of this co-workers assertion because she is one of the drunks reported about in this survey!

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