More problems for Duale,driver sues him for unlawful dismissal

MAJORITY Leader Aden Duale’s former driver has written to the Parliamentary Service Commission to compel him to explain reasons for his sacking.

Allan Ibrahim through lawyer Ondabu and Company Advocates says his contract was unfairly terminated and that due process was not followed. In 2009 during the Tenth Parliament, Ibrahim served as Duale’s driver.

“On May 14 last year, he was appointed driver 1 PSC 5 office of the Leader of Majority-National Assembly as his official driver under the PSC for a five years contract in the National Assembly until 2017,” the letter details.

“That prior to the appointment as a driver to the Office of the Leader of Majority-National Assembly, Aden Duale had on February 5, 2013 summarily dismissed him from the service without following the laid down procedure. Notwithstanding the summary dismissal , Duale deployed him to his constituency on October 2013,” the letter states.

It further backgrounds that while arranging to report at Duale’s constituency office, Ibrahim’s contract was terminated on November 6, 2013, the very day he was deployed to the constitucny.

“The same day he was issued with the a termination letter purporting to be from the PSC. This has causes our clinet to be mentally disturbed and be financially constrained as he cannot pay hois children’s schools fees as well take care of his elderly mother,” the lawyer said in the letter.


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