Police officers among four dead in Pangani suicide explosion

NAIROBI, KENYA: At least four people including two police officers were Wednesday night killed in a car explosion outside Pangani police station in Nairobi in an apparent suicide incident.

The explosion happened at the gate of the police station after an explosion that was in the car went off. Police boss David Kimaiyo who visited the scene confirmed the deaths.

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Other police officers said the blast went off killing two police officers and the apparent two bombers they had arrested earlier on without knowing they had the explosives.

The officers had intercepted a salon car at about 8 pm at the nearby Pangani roundabout in the area and decided to board it.

“They spotted the car and suspected it before boarding leading the driver to the station. The police car then trailed that of the terrorists to the station,” said Kimaiyo at the station.

It was at the entrance that it went off killing all the occupants including the officers. See Also: Police officer commits suicide The blast was so powerful that it was heard several kilometres away.

Some residents of Parklands and Ngara said they heard it. Witnesses said when the blast went off other officers who were at the station took cover for several minutes before coming to check the car.

The car was extensively damaged following the blast as police said they were yet to know where it was to be used.

Kimaiyo said they will intensify their operations on terrorists in the country. Interior cabinet secretary Joseph ole Lenku also visited the scene. There was panic at the scene when another explosion went off as the dignitaries briefed the media. Police have in the past days been rounding up suspects in a major swoop

Police at the scene of an explosion at Pangani Police Station on April 23, 2014. PHOTO | JOAN PERERUAN

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