Raila accuses Museveni of ‘double-speak’ on ICC

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has accused Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni of misrepresenting himself on issues to do with the ICC.

Mr Odinga on Thursday said he wonders why the Ugandan leader portrays himself as an opponent of the West “yet he is seeking help from other nations to capture guerrilla war leader Joseph Kony and take him to the same court in the Hague.”

“Isn’t that double speak?” he posed during a Global Leadership lecture titled ‘Kenya and its Future’ at the African American Hall of Fame in Atlanta, US.

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He was responding to questions from Morehouse University College students and two neighbouring campuses; Clark Atlanta and Spelman.


During the 45-minute speech, the Cord leader also urged African leaders to tell the world about opportunities available on the continent saying the time has come for Africans to tell their own story.

“The African lion has woken up and is roaring, announcing to the Asian tiger that she has been dancing alone on the stage for far too long,” he said.

On the Supreme Court ruling following the 2013 presidential election, Mr Odinga said he conceded defeat because he was not ready for a repeat of the 2007/2008 post-election violence. “As a leader, I said the nation is more important than an individual,” he said.

Earlier in the day, he told a Political Science class that he and former President Mwai Kibaki made many sacrifices for the coalition government to work.

“Many of his lieutenants were not happy with that but he did it,” Mr Odinga said.


On challenges that face Africa, the Cord leader said “poverty and inequality have become the new colonisers of the continent.”

“In the past, as long as you aligned yourself with the West in the war against communism, they would give you all the money you needed as aid.

“Nobody cared how that money was spent and most of it ended up in people’s pockets leaving the country heavily indebted,” he said. “But the time has come for us to stop the blame game. We must move on,” he added.

Mr Odinga also met with President of Morehouse College, Dr Jones Sylvanus Wilson Jr, who assured him of commitment to students from Kenya to help them get scholarships to study in the US.

“It has always been my dream to have more Kenyans benefit from programmes similar to the famous Mboya airlifts. This is a major step in that direction,” he told the Nation.


Morehouse College is an all-male, Liberal Arts University and one of three remaining such colleges in the United States.

It is the alma mater of many African-American leaders, including the late Civil Rights leader, Dr Martin Luther King, Jr.

The former PM was accompanied by his personal assistant, George Osewe, and Director of the Boston African Presidential Center, Mr Charles Stith.

Mr Odinga is currently in Atlanta for a series of lectures and meetings. He was scheduled to lay a wreath at the Martin Luther King Jr mausoleum on Friday. He will be in the United States until the end of May.-nation.co.ke

Former PM Raila Odinga (right) prepares to give his speech at Morehouse College, Atlanta on April 10, 2014. Photo/Courtesy

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