Somali man arrested in Germany with fake Kenyan passport


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A Somali man was on Tuesday arrested by German federal police after being found with fake documents, including a fake Kenyan passport.

The man was arrested in Kehl, a town close to the French-German border as police inspected traveldocuments of passengers in a bus from Paris. He was also carrying a fake Swedish visa.

The photo in the passport belonged to an individual that did not resemble the passport holder.

According to the 24 year-old man, he had paid €2,500 (about Sh300,000) to be trafficked into Germany from Kenya, apparently passing through Turkey, Greece and France.

He requested the police to allow him toapply for asylum. He was taken to the Federal Police Inspection Unit in Offenburg where he was charged with misuse of identification documents, forgery and violation of the residence act.

Due to the increased number of people immigrating to Germany, the number of inspections taking place along the German border have increased. –

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