Chase Debate: Financing Higher Learning in Kenya

Education is a basic need that cannot be overlooked because it helps us develop wholesomely as individuals and as a society. With today’s debate, we aimed to discuss the thoughts of our different stakeholders (parents, teachers, thought-leaders, students, professionals and entrepreneurs) on the financing of higher education in Kenya.

Some of the concerns that were brought out during the discussions included:

  • The quality of education provided by higher learning institutions;
  • The high cost of education;
  • The type of graduates released by higher learning institutions;
  • The employers’ expectation of fresh graduates and employees’ expectation of new employers;
  • The return on investment of educating oneself;
  • How the government carries out the selection of students for higher learning and financing of the same – Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (formerly JAB) and HELB;
  • How financial institutions can aid students in financing higher learning by tailoring products for them;
  • Identifying opportunities within the education sector that can save you the finances such as sponsorships, grants, internships e.t.c;
  • Early investment in education through education policies and saving by young future parents.

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The debate had people share their experiences and give their opinions on what should be done to ensure that these concerns were deliberated upon by the respective stakeholders. Throughout the debate, it was clear that in as much as the discussion was geared towards the financing aspect; people were also interested in the social and developmental aspects brought out by investing in higher learning. What was your experience with higher learning in Kenya?

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