Former house-help claims Senator Wamatangi raped her, abandoned child


Former house-help claims Senator Wamatangi raped her, abandoned child

To most Kenyans, Sh833 may sound like nothing but this is the average amount one of Kiambu’s richest and philanthropic men has been forking out to support his ‘love child’. In total, Paul Kimani Njoroge, now known as Wamatangi, whose generosity propelled him to be the senator of Kiambu, has contributed Sh70,000 in seven years for his daughter’s upkeep.

The man who rode on his generosity after donating over 17,000 water tanks to 650 women groups in his county is in the eye of a storm for extending too much love to his househelp, who in the process got pregnant seven years ago.

The heartbroken mother has evidence of Wamatangi trying to make up for his daughter, but describes his remittances as too little too late. This is the spellbinding story of a man accused of ‘forcefully stealing his house girl’s virginity’ in an encounter, which resulted in a pregnancy.

In a shocking case filed at the Children’s Court on March 4, the senator is accused of raping and siring a child with his househelp.

In July 2006, whilst the plaintiff (Wangui) was in the employment of the defendant as a housemaid, the defendant had forceful carnal knowledge of the plaintiff resulting in the plaintiff conceiving the minor herein,” reads the woman’s court statement.

“The defendant has all along despite constant requests refused and/or neglected to provide any child support not withstanding that the plaintiff is jobless. The said minor is now in Class Two and the plaintiff is unable due to the fact that she is not in gainful employment.

” Provide upkeep

A breakdown of the court case forwarded by the woman’s lawyer Geoffrey Thiong’o reads: “The plaintiff avers that the defendant has a legal obligation to maintain his daughter in the following manners, Sh20,000 for school fees and equal amount for house rent, Sh15,000 in medical care fess and Sh20,000 in clothing and miscellaneous expenses.

“The total expenses was around Sh75,000. Despite various efforts by the family of the plaintiff and several friends for the defendant to provide upkeep, the defendant has failed and/or neglected to do so.”

In her sworn affidavit at Nairobi Children’s Court, the woman claims Wamatangi has neglected a child he sired. “On July 18, at about midday, the defendant defiled me in his house. He threatened me with dire consequences if I reported to the police. Subsequently, I left employment and conceived. I gave birth on April 23, 2007,” reads her affidavit.

“The defendant has all along been aware of these facts. When I ask for child support, he erratically sends a sum of Sh3,000 after a long time and only once he is prodded. My daughter is now in Class Two and I am jobless,” she adds.

Through a document signed by Nairobi Children’s Court executive officer and stamped by the courts principal magistrate E. Boke, The Nairobian has learnt that Wamatangi has since been ordered to reply to the case.

The child’s birth certificate does not include a father’s name. On the court documents, Wangui claims that despite her family contacting Wamatangi severally, he has neglected the child.

Former house-help claims Senator Wamatangi raped her, abandoned child

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