Kuttuny: URP Behind Jubilee Govt Woes


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Political advisor to President Uhuru Kenyatta, Joshua Kuttuny, is accusing the URP wing of the ruling coalition of being behind the woes being faced by the Jubilee government.

Kuttuny pointed out that persistent attacks directed at the government by URP leaders was a major threat to the survival of the ruling coalition ahead of the 2017 polls.

Kuttuny also stated that it was not wise for URP leaders to start rocking the Jubilee administration which they have a stake in it and instead advised them to embrace dialogue if aggrieved in any way.

He blamed the rising political temperature in the country to URP wing of the coalition and asked the leaders to stop the trend for the sake of unity and development.

The former Cherangany MP is now asking Rift Valley leaders to leave all key appointments in the government and state corporations to the President and his Deputy instead of interfering with their work.

He exonerated the President and his Deputy from blame by leaders from the Kalenjin community over the replacement of Kiplimo Rugut as Director General of National Youth Service.

Kuttuny was reacting to Keter’s remarks to the effect that Deputy President should be held responsible over the replacement of Rugut as NYS Director General.

Keter also compalined that elites from the Kalenjin community have been plucked from various key public positions without justified reasons.

By Beth Nyaga


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