A well-orchestrated campaign to discredit Deputy President William Ruto in the Rift Valley has been mooted. The plan involves URP MPs, businessmen and a number of TNA politicians who believe the DP “is not helping us”. Ruto has previously accused unnamed brokers of sponsoring a rebellion against him.

Yesterday people close to the DP told the Star that Ruto was aware of the plot and those involved but will not reveal their identities – yet. “The DP knows those behind the plan to discredit him using the media and public rallies. Some of these people work with businesspeople who have lost out on business dealings and blamed Ruto for the loss,” said an MP known to be close to Ruto.

Political advisor to the President Joshua Kuttuny also accused URP leaders of being used to fight Ruto. “These people fomenting rebellion in Rift Valley are dishonest and we will expose them in due course,” said Kuttuny. Kuttuny warned that the “noises” being made by some URP leaders would lead to the collapse of the Jubilee coalition.

“What is happening in URP is the beginning of problems for Jubilee and this means that we will not have the votes, come the next elections,” said Kuttuny.

An aide to the Deputy President also confirmed that there was a wider plan by “some disgruntled brokers” to create the impression that the DP was out of touch with his main support base.

Yesterday Kass FM, a Kalenjin radio station, hosted a talk show in which most callers attacked the TNA side of the coalition. At the end of the morning talk show on Kass FM, Kuttuny sent a text message to the presenter saying he had noted the outcry from the Kalenjin community and would ensure the issues are resolved.

A remark made by Majority Leader Adan Duale at the weekend, to the effect that some of the region’s leaders were mutes because they had not spoken in Parliament, seemed worsen matters for Ruto in Rift Valley. The issue was also discussed by the FM callers, who accused Duale of disrespecting them as a community.

Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter once again launched a scathing attack on Ruto, accusing him of betraying the Kalenjin community in the Jubilee Coalition. Keter accused Ruto of being responsible for the removal of Kiplimo Rugut from the National Youth Service (NYS) and vowed that he would not be silenced when it comes to fighting for the rights of the Kalenjin community.

The MP urged Ruto to rethink his position and take time to understand why there was an outcry over what was happening in the Jubilee government. “Let Deputy President reconcile his mind. Let him take time to think. He should not lecture us on how county governments are corrupt, yet we are losing a lot in the national government,” said Keter.

Chesumei MP Elijah Lagat almost wept as he narrated how people from the Kalenjin community were losing jobs in the government. He accused the Uhuru administration of abandoning development projects, especially road construction started by President Kibaki. “There is no need for us to continue singing praises when things are going wrong,” Lagat said. At the weekend, Ruto robustly defended the government over Rugut’s removal, saying it was done procedurally.


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