UN Committee Blacklists Boko Haram


A United Nations committee has imposed sanctions on the Boko Haram Militia.

The UN Security Council committee on al-Qauda sanctions has subjected Boko Haram to international asset freeze, travel bans and arms embargo.


The sanction comes 5 weeks after Boko Haram kidnapped over 200 hundred girls from a boarding school in Chibok.


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The Nigerian government has received a lot of criticism on how they handled the situation, initially refusing assistance from the international community.


Australian UN Ambassador Gary Quinlan and al-Qaeda sanctions committee chair said blacklisting the militia was necessary step to take although they are unsure of the impact the sanction will have.


“We will work to try and make sure that anybody supplying any material assistance to Boko Haram – whether funding or arms – will in fact be stopped, will be deterred by the fact they too will be eligible for listing on the sanctions list.”


Boko Haram’s aim is to create an Islamic state in Northern Nigeria.


It has increased its attacks since 2009 leaving thousands dead.


The kidnapping of the school girls outraged the international community and has seen the US, France, United Kingdom among others join in the search for the girls.


By: Cecilia Garama


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