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Visa Free For Africans Travelling to Europe

PAIN – A new law passed recently in the Spanish Congress means visitors and tourists from Africa
will no longer be required to have a visa for traveling to the 26 European Schengen Countries.
The recent economic crisis moved Spain to make this decision, calling the move a “Residence for
Investment.”, a new service, helps visitors, business men and those who are seeking to
move attain such a residence.

Based in Germany, the site offers those in the African world a unique opportunity for investing in a
European residence of high quality.

Dr. Lars Holldorf, founder of the service, explained it this way, “Wealthy and affluent members of
African nations will find this new law to be an excellent way to travel Europe without worry of visas. 26
European countries including Germany, France and Switzerland are available for visitors, and all are
visa-free. Board a plane, fly and arrive with no concerns.”

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The service works with affluent and often well-renown members of the African world. Because so
many are high-profile, the service works diligently to maintain discretion and privacy for their investors.
There is a minimum requirement of Euro 500,000.00 investment in a particular estate or real estate
piece. can help even the most discriminating customer make an informed
“The majority of the homes and properties available are centered in the Costa Blanca region of Spain,
and this area has very strong North African roots. Our German team is based in Spain, but we have
the German attention to quality and service available,” said Holldorf.

Those who have an interest will need to go to the website and obtain a free copy of the guide, How
to Get a European Residence by Investment. The guide is free after signing up for it with a valid
email address.

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Learn more at
ABOUT is a service initiated and provided by Laurentius Capital GmbH. Laurentius
Capital GmbH is a German-based consulting company serving international investors in identifying
suitable investment opportunities in Germany, Austria and selected other European countries.
The service of has been created by client demand and was launched in April
2014. The service is provided absolutely discretely taking into account the clients’ position and status,
which only allows to perform such projects without being noticed from the public.


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