White Widow Samantha Lewthwaite marries ruthless terror chief

White Widow Samantha Lewthwaite marries ruthless terror chief
White Widow Samantha Lewthwaite marries ruthless terror chief

Hunted White Widow Samantha Lewthwaite has got married to a ruthless terror chief while on the run in lawless Somalia.

Intelligence sources claim the British fugitive tied the knot with suspected warlord Hassan Maalim Ibrahim, also known as Sheikh Hassan.

He is a senior commander in radical terror group al-Shabaab – allies of al-Qaeda.

The marriage, Lewthwaite’s third, means she will be offered better ­protection by her new husband’s heavily-armed relatives as security agencies step up the hunt for her.

She has already ditched her inner circle of bodyguards, dubbed the Suicide Brigade, who were looking after her night and day.

Sources have reported seeing bombing suspect Lewthwaite and Hassan in the remote village of Nasable, 25 miles from the south central Somali city of Baidoa where the mum-of-four was spotted last November.

A senior security insider said: “Her in-laws will treat her very well as she is now one of them and part of one of the large clans.

“Samantha is in a heavily guarded village in a no-go area for outsiders.

“But we’re sure she’ll move around which is why she needs to get in with the family.

“At the moment she hardly leaves her grass thatch house.

“She wears black socks and gloves and hijab to cover her white skin so spies won’t see her.

“Samantha has given herself great protection with this marriage.”

Lewthwaite, widow of twisted 7/7 London suicide bomber Germaine Lindsay, was also believed to be married to former Kenyan naval officer turned terrorist Abdi Wahid.

Sources have revealed he left her to fight for al-Shabaab after being selected to lead a suicide unit targeting Kenyan soldiers fighting in Somalia.

It is not known if he is dead or alive.

Detectives believe Wahid could be behind a double bomb attack in a Nairobi market this month which left 10 people dead and scores wounded.

Lewthwaite has been on the run for nearly three years after being linked to a failed 2011 plot to blow up hotels and a mall in Mombasa, Kenya.

She became the world’s most wanted female terrorist when she was linked to last September’s Nairobi mall massacre that killed 67 shoppers, including five Britons. Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the atrocity.

The group has also been blamed for a string of grenade blasts and murders in Kenya.


British and American ­embassies have since warned tourists against travelling to the country.

Security services believe Lewthwaite, from Aylesbury, Bucks, is still directing murderous operations from inside Somalia and is on a revenge mission after her terror mentor and al-Qaeda chief Sheikh Abubakar Shariff Ahmed was killed in Mombasa last month.

The Muslim convert has two children by Jamaican-born Islamist Lindsay, who slaughtered 26 ­innocent people on a London Tube train in the 2005 7/7 attacks.

He had already passed on his sickening ideology to his wife.

Despite branding the ­bombings, which killed 52 and injured 700 more, as “abhorrent”, soldier’s daughter Lewthwaite fled the UK, surfacing in Africa in 2009.

After the Nairobi bombing she is said to have slipped back into Somalia, making some of the journey on a camel.

Last October, the Mirror published exclusive photos showing her cradling newborn baby Surajah, her daughter with Wahid.

Eldest son Abdullah, nine, and eight-year-old girl Ruqayyah – from her relationship with Lindsay – stood by her as she lay in South African hospital bed in June 2010.

Behind Lewthwaite, Wahid hugged the couple’s son Abdur-Rahman.

A source said: “Samantha Lewthwaite lives a double life of a doting mother and international terrorist side by side.”

She was once in a ­relationship with another al-Shabaab Brit, Habib Saleh Ghani, 28, from Hounslow, West London.

He was killed last year in Somalia.

Lewthwaite’s appearance may have changed with plastic surgery. It is thought she has dyed her hair and lost more than two stone.

Sources believe she has become ­increasingly desperate, fearing a raid by Special Forces.

Four months ago she fled an al-Qaeda training camp after it was bombed.

She is also living in fear as up to 10,000 troops from the UN peacekeeping force and local army soldiers have launched a major offensive against al-Shabaab.

Lewthwaite is considered a valued propaganda figure by the terror group .

And she is said to be hell-bent on avenging her former teacher Ahmed’s death.

Apart from Lewthwaite, he is believed to have recruited hundreds of Brits, including, her friend Jermaine Grant, now on trial in Kenya accused of bomb plots, and Lee Rigby’s killer Michael Adebolajo.

It is believed she is ­determined to hit Western targets . But a few weeks ago her terrorist disciples killed 21 people with a suicide attack in Baidoa.

On Saturday suicide gunmen bombers stormed the Somali parliament in Mogadishu, killing at least 10 people.

They also recently drove a truck into a police compound murdering 28 officers and injuring 31.

Al-Shabaab fanatics are fighting to impose sharia law in Somalia. They have banned TV, football, music, dancing and even mobile ringtones.

Lewthwaite converted to Islam when she was a teenager and started to wear full length robe and veils at school.

Her terrorist manifesto was uncovered by The Mirror in Kenya.

It revealed she brainwashed young radicals for a holy war against the West.

She is the subject of a manhunt in nearly 200 countries.

A source said: “As long as she is free she is a danger.”




White Widow Samantha Lewthwaite marries ruthless terror chief

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